Halaman ini menyajikan Kumpulan bank soal bahasa inggris untuk SD, SMP merupakan suatu kumpulan soal-soal baik yang baru maupun yang lama.Sebagai bahan buat guru dalam mempersiapkan siswa-siswinya dalam menghadapi ujian sekolah yang akan di selengarakan
sebentar lagi, kumpulan bank soal ini juga berguna untuk melatih siswa dalam mengerjakan soal . Sebagai sarana untuk membiasakan  diri dalam  menjawab soal pada ujian sekolah.
Choose the correct answerby crossing a,b,c or d

The following text is for questions 1 to 3
Dear Mr.Faraz
 excuse me, Boss,I'm verryto ask you for permission this time.I have to miss our meeting because my uncle called me to go home soos in order totake him to the airport. he must go to Surabaya because of his family matter.I promised I will finish my job as soon as possible. And, I will submit it to you tomorrow morning. thank you very much.mrs. Joana

1. Who delivers the message ?
a. Boss
b. Mr. Faras
c. Mrs Joana
d. Mrs Joana's Boss
Jawabannya =  c

2. What is the purpose of the message ?
a. To tell her boss that she will go with her uncle to Surabanya
b. Toget permission from her boss to leave the meeting
c. Toask for permission to attend the meeting
d. To inform her boss about her activities tomorrow morning
Jawabannya =  b

3. What does Mrs. Joana promise to do after leaving the meeting ?
a. To send her job after leaving the meeting
b. To subithe job as soon as possible
c. to do her job as soon as possible
d. To do her job tomorrow morning
Jawabannya  = c

The following notice is for questions
We are not responsible

4. What does the notice above mean ?
a. We must seve our belongings
b. We protect our belomgings in noise area
c. We are prohibited to leave our belongings
d. We avoid to bring someone's belongings
Jawabannya =  c

5. What happen if someone leaves his/ her belonging in the notice area ?
a. The management will keep it.
b. There is no one liable for it.
c. Other people will bring it for you
d. The belonging will be taken away by the management
Jawabanyan = b

The following text is for questions 6 to 8
        Indonesis youh football club
  Open Recruitment  Satuday,june 24th,2017-3 p.m to 5 p.m
  A-Team/1st grades (Elementary children, 10-12 years old)
  B-Team/2nd graders ( Secondary children, 13-15 years old)
  c- Team/3th graders ( senior children, 16-18 years old)
 Please bring copy of birth Certificate & physical medical records
         Sign-up fee is Rp 400.000,00
For more information, please call mifta 089-384-217-732
6. Who is the text addressed to ?
a. Sundents who wans to join football clup
b. Football players
c. Mifta
d. Children in the 1-3 grades
Jawabannyan =  a

7. To be second graders footboll player
a. They must have Birth Certificate
b. Their ages are thirteen to fifteen years
c. They have paid the fee Rp 500.000,00
D. The have passed from secondary school
Jawabannya =  b

8. "Sign-up fee is Rp 400.000,00"
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
a. money
b. cost
c. registration
d. prize
Jawabannya  =  b

The following text is for questions 9 to 11
Our School will have a painting competition
It will be heid on june 18th, 2017
Free registration will be on 12th - june 16th
Good luck
For furtherinformation,contact our art club chairman

9. The texs is mons likely found at .....
a. The chairman room
b. The announcement board
c. The library door
d. The school gate
Jawabannya  = b

10. What should the students do if they want to join the painting competition ?
a. Register on juni 18th
b. Prepare the competition
c. contact to the art club chairman
d. Registeron june 12th until juni 16th
Jawabannya =  d

11. Our school will not have a football competition, will hold a painting competition.
a. and
b. or
c. the
d. but
Jawabannya =  d

The following texs is for questions 12 and 13
Dear: Linda
You are cordially invited to attend
Junior Hiigh school's painting exhibition
The opening ceremony
Date   : Saturday,March 10th,2017
Time   : p.m.
Place  : Merdeka Junior high school fleld
We ask for your participation by looking at our pinters worsk after the opening

12. Wha is linda supposed to do after the opening ceremonyi ?
a. Having the ceremony
b. Looking at the painters
c. Looking at the works of thi painters
d. Opening the ceremony
Jawabannya= c

13. "Junior High School's Painting exhibition"  Theunderlined word is closest in meaning to .....
a. explanation
b. preparation
c. expedition
d. exposition
Jawabannya   =  d

The following texs in for questions 14 to 16
It was early in the morning. Margaret was hurriedly packing up her goods.She had to catch up the 7 a.m. plane to Surabaya. At 6.30 a.m. a taxi was coming topick herup. Sheasked the driver to rush because the plane took off at 7 a.m. But, there was a traffic jam on the way to the airport. She arrved at 7.15 a.m. at the airport. Fortunately, the plane was delayed, so she still had opportunity to fly.

 14. What can you learn from the text  Margaret shoold have.....
a. gonewid her father
b. left her goods
c. driven herowncar
d. left earler
Jwabannya  = d

15. Why did Margaret arrive late at the airport ? Because.....
a. the road was noisy
b. the taxi came late
c. there was at traffic jam
d. the plane took off a 7 a.m.
Jawabannya = c

16. Margaret still had a chance to fly..... the plane was delayed
a. nevertheless
b. fortunately
c. alth0ugh
d. because
Jawabannya  =d

The following texs in for questons 17 to 18
Ridais my bestfriend. She is tall andretty. She has long blonde hair. She is good at allschools subjects. Her hobbyis singing. She often sings during the break teme. She lives in Surabaya. She loves living in Surabaya because it is place where she was born. She lso likes eating rawon very much. Rawon is the famous trafditional food in Surabaya.

17. What in the purpose of the text above ?
a. To entertain the readers about Rida
b. To tell the readers about the writer's life
c. To inform the readers how Rida can live in Surabaya
d. To tellthe readers about Rida
Jawabannya  = d

18. Why does Rida love living in Surabaya ? Because it is
a. birth
b. school
c. study
d. lefe
Jawabannya  = a

19. We know from the text that Rida likes ......
a. swimming
b. singing
c. running
d. flying
Jawabannya  =  b

20. "......Is the famous tradional .....
The underlined word is cl0sest in meaning to .....
a. different
b. particular
c. specifik
d. popular
Jawabannya =  d

The followingtext is forquestions 21 to 25
   Duk belongs to one of the birds' special. It characterizes as an aquatik bird. The duck size issmaller than swan and goose. It could be found in water area such as pond, river,lake, andsea. The beak of duck is s wide flat. It is used to peck and cut off various meal sources such as grasses, aquatic plants, fish, insects,small amphibians,worms and mollusks.
   Several ducks,spscies decide to migrate in the tropical areas, but not all of them do that. Moreover, some duchs in Australia likely wander nomadically, seeking out the temporary lakes or pools formed by localized downpour.

21. Where does duck mostly appear ?
a. Ocean
b. deep water
c. pond
d. sea
Jawabannya  =  c

22. According to the text, we can say that ......
a. the duck beak is not wide
b. duck is smaller than goose
c. all ducks are migratory
d. duck only lives in fresh water
Jawabannya   =  b

23. "......,but not all of them do that" (paragraph 2)
The underned word refers to .....
a. several ducks
b. swam and goose
c. several birds
d. specias of birds
Jawabannya  = a

24. '....,Seeking out the temporary lekes .....'(paragraph 2)
The phrase'seeking out' has similar meaning with.....
a. visiting at
b. looking at
c. leaving from
d. looking for
Jawabannya =  d

25. What is the different between duck and cock ?
a. Cockhas wide flat beak,but duck does not have
b. duck is a kind of bird, but cock is not
c. Duck haswide flat beak, but cock does not have
d. Cock is a kind of bird, but duck is not

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